Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nikon Wireless Flash Hands-on Workshop with Shooting Stations at B&H

One of the great advantages of using a Nikon SLR is its wireless flash system.  So, thats what I've been using for lighting - no strobes etc.  When I saw that B&H is having a workshop I registered right away. Lucky for me, they had 2 that day and since one is always 3-5 p.m. - really bad timing for me, the second one had to be earlier (yay!). 

That was yesterday. There were 4 shooting stations. The most interesting one was a fish tank of water with a white paper backing it. Then they had a flash in the back of it with blue gel, and a guy standing there and dunking strawberries at the count of 3 (of course when the person was ready) So what you get is blue water, and you see the bubbles the strawberry creates.  (I really do need to clean the photo up in photoshop.. Since many people were shooting the same thing, there are full of tiny bubbles in the tank). I gotta try this on my own. Who is volunteering to be the object dunker?

Since this was a fish tank which was quite big, the effect isn't as good as it could be in a bowl. With this technique you can really create a great splash effect. It is interesting to note that a year or so ago, I did a splash effect in photoshop.. So, while you can create an effect like that in photoshop, it was interesting to do almost the same thing in real life. 

The other stations were a spilled jar of bubble gum, crayons with a lego robot or somethin', and flowers. Obviously this setup was done with Nikon wireless flashes (duh!), so the participants cameras were all able to be synced with the flashes in the room. Cool stuff. 

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