Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bumps in the Road...

Here are a few things that drive me absolutely batty

1. Letting my flash battery run out, by forgetting to shut it after I snap some photos.. (oy, let me go check if I closed it last time... whew! Ok, I did)
2. On the same note, when moving my pics to bridge, I forget to disconnect the camera from the computer... so I have battery drainage up the wazoo in here!
3. As many times as people tell you that its not easy to take pictures of babies, you shake it off.. Oh, please.. you think someone else can do it better than me, I'm great with babies.. but today before I can snap a single picture of bebe here, he spit up about 5 times.. Ok, maybe thats just him, he's a huge spitter, and crawled away at lightning speed. Oh, well..
4. This background stands just doesn't do it for me.. Its a simple one with clasps on top.. but you have to have a 6-pack to actually get it to open enough to put it on.. Yowza!
5. I need a better stand for this small softbox.. something that can go down low and up high, without me pilin' up books or putting it down sideways.. maybe a big softbox.. when I have space for it.

Ok, I'll leave it at 5. Enough complaining for now.. Yeah, I'm a kvetch, but I'm gonna get it together. You'll see, you'll see...

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