Monday, August 3, 2009

Ha, Ha, Ha: I've been moving the clarity slider the wrong way... and I must get Lightroom!

Rewind to the days past, where I didn't know how to take a clear picture. Back when, I was taking every shot at 18mm with my zoom lens and didnt know how to focus... (In reality, not too long ago, but with my photography progress, feels like eons). I would take some mediocre pic and pump it up a bit in Camera Raw, draggin' that clarity slider up to the wazzoo and hoping that nobody will notice that it was blurry...

I just realized while processing some pictures, that in order for the face to look more smooth, you have to move the clarity slider the other way.... It may not be noticeable to the untrained eye that that's what I've been doing, and maybe since a baby's face is naturally smooth, it wasn't that obvious.

That brings me to Lightroom. I need a copy desperately. That would allow me to smooth out the face while upping the clarity on the rest of the photo without going into major photoshop work. Oh, well.. I'm workin' on that.

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