Tuesday, August 4, 2009

There's something about me, you might already know...

I'm a gadget junkie (besides being a caffeine junkie, and a makeup junkie, and a - ok.. I'm going off topic here.. Focus!). So, lets start again. I'm a gadget junkie. Most of the time, I am surrounded by my little electronic friends here: iPod, iPhone, laptop, camera, lenses, flashes, etc. With that said, especially when you're in the creative field - there is no limit to how much stuff you want. There is always some new gadget out there that claims to make graphic design or photography much easier, and they all swear you just can't live without it, or your life will change dramatically if you have it.  With photography especially, these things are darn expensive. Good glass can run you $800+ bucks. Since I am always reading graphic design and photography magazines, blogs, etc., listen to podcasts, I hear about all those new gadgets and get excited for them. What I'm trying to say, is that my wish list is so huge that I must win the lottery. Ok, I don't know where that came from. Thats what happens when you just write without any prior planning.. Whatever, I'm silly sometimes.

So, heres my new addition to my photo stuff. The Lastolite Kickerlite. I heard about it on PhotoshopUserTv, I think. It was definitely Scott Kelby that was showing it, so it could have been his blog or PhotoshopUserTV.  I bought it at B&H. Duh! (The hubs works there, for those invisible people who may or may not be reading this blog, and may not know who I am in real life). I hope to give it a whirl soon.

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