Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning Makes Me Think of Photography! aka I Remember When.

Ok, I'll be first to admit that I've been one-track minded lately. Many times when I see an interesting object, a cool place, a funky accessory, I envision how I would use it in portraits. I guess I haven't been cleaning a whole lot in the past, but as I clean my closet of clothing I no longer use, it got me thinking...

Similar to the post 2 days ago where I "talked" about people, and by people I mean adults getting in front of the camera no matter how camera shy they are. Because, when you grow old you'll want to know what you looked like as you are today. (hello, is anybody listening?). Maybe I should get to the point.

As I sort my clothing and pack some away to give to charity, I can't help but reminisce about how long I've had it. Some of these shirts and jackets I wore throughout my 20s. How interesting would it be to see a picture of myself wearing these clothes when I'm older.. Think about it. Aren't there some articles of clothing from your childhood you absolutely can't forget?I have some. There was a blue plaid shirt my brothers had, and in fact they were wearing it one Purim years ago, that I just can't forget about. Probably because throughout the years of looking through the old family photos, it just stuck in my mind. One of my neighbors kids' last year had that shirt and I remembered right away that my brothers had that shirt eons ago. Then there was this houndstooth dress that will be in my memory forever. My older sister who was in 4th grade hated that dress with a passion. I was in 1st grade and was obsessed with the dress because my teacher "had the same". Of course school uniforms go without saying. Purim which is one of the Jewish holidays people don't forget to take pictures, so the memories of what you dressed up as when you were a child are there. I also have a recollection of a white shoe I had with black polka dots, and remember playing ball while wearing it, and being very concerned about my shoes. (I was a bad player to begin with and really didn't need that extra distraction). Oh, and I wont forget those american-made sturdy shoes my mom used to buy!

As you throw away some toys that are old and broken, you don't think about how one day your child may remember that (and if you have a picture of them playing with it, they are very likely to). How many of you remember that drag-along thingamajigee with popping balls inside? I know they still sell them but I remember playing with it. Or the old-fashion xylophone? Cabbage patch dolls were all the rage. I remember when I got it and who got it for me. Mmmm... I'm getting off track here.. This is a blog. You can forget about me thinking about how to exit this train of thought with eloquence. ha ha.

Maybe this isn't your typical blog post, but I will still "publish post"... Maybe one day I will add those old-time photos of me and that houndstooth dress, and my brothers in the blue plaid shirt, but probably not.

Adios for now.

Tip of the day: Does your child have a security blanket or toy? Capture an image with him or her with it. You and your child will treasure the memory forever.

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