Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Long time no write..

Hey there! I know I havent written in a while, so I will just write about some past shoots.

The Bar Mitzvah Shoot
Family E. came over to take some shots before the Bar Mitzvah of their eldest son.. This shoot was a great experience due to the nature of the event. It was in studio - so the hardships of an on-location shoot were not there. Composition is key at an event like this. It is very important to show the components of becoming Bar Mitzvah. I got some great shots, however the family does not allow me to post it on the internet.. so I have to respect their wishes. MMmm... without pictures, the entire paragraph seems pointless, but its not. I now have Bar Mitzvah experience!

The Bro
I had my bro and his fam come over for some pics. Y. is such a fun personality, and loved to pose people (How's this for a photography business: Pose yourself - light yourself - bring your own props - :) ) C. is ridiculously photogenic. She can stand there and stick her tongue out and she'll still look good. M&S - the twins in the fam- I got some great shots of M. but I dont see much of S. at all.. Oh, well - they are identical (ok ok.. not a good excuse..) Well, they have free membership for life, so they can come back any time.. Yeah, the family picture is off the wall.. but its fun! This was mostly Y.'s doing - after 2 hours, I lost control. She started distributing props and it just came out very Osbourne Family-like.. I love it!

Da Gees
Great bunch o' kids. We got some fun shots, some serious shots... I hope to work with them again soon when the big boy S. becomes Bar Mitzvah at the end of May.

Coming up Next: More shoots - My own little Chickadees, RF's little 'nickel, 3 Adorable Lil boys I shot on Sunday, and last but not least - shots from the B&H Event at Central Park with Rick Sammon and James Williamson.

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